Emdogain is used to help treat and reverse the effects of periodontal disease and gum recession in conjunction with periodontal surgery. Emdogain is made up of a unique group of proteins called enamel matrix proteins. These proteins are the same proteins that helped your teeth develop when you were a child. The proteins are applied directly to the tooth root and are designed to promote the body to form tissue fibers around your tooth, anchoring it in place.

Emdogain is designed to encourage the reformation of tooth attachment for up to one year.

Emdogain in Bone Regeneration

After an anesthetic is applied your periodontist will expose the periodontal defect at the root surface with a small surgical incision. The root surface is cleaned. Hard and soft deposits are removed. Emdogain is applied to the root surface with a syringe. The site is sutured.

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Emdogain and Gum Recession

After an anesthetic is applied, your periodontist will make a small incision to expose the root surface, creating a flap of tissue. Emdogain is applied to the root surface. Your periodontist will cover the treated root surface with the free flap of your gum tissue, and secure it using sutures.

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