Straumann CARES Implant Abutments
Straumann’s utilizes centralized milling combined with a dental technician's design experience to create beautiful, precisely milled, customized abutments. Developments in dental technology have helped to streamline the customized abutment workflow, allowing for faster delivery time and an improved treatment planning process. The Straumann CARES Implant Abutments allow for greater predictability in the long-term success of dental implants. 

Straumann CARES Implant Abutments are custom designed and created for each individual patient. Straumann abutments not only look and feel like your natural tooth, they are also highly stable, allowing you to forget that you even have a dental implant! Straumann abutments are designed for deep implant-abutment engagement and each part of the dental implant works together as it is intended. They are also created using high-quality materials that are compatible with each other so as to avoid contact corrosion. 

    Each patient's custom abutment design process begins on the computer using specially designed software.
  Your custom abutment design is created using software that can precisely determine the size, placement, and fit of the restoration abutment. This helps to eliminate any human error and ensures a perfect fit for your abutment. 
    Once your custom abutment is designed, it is then manufactured to the exact specifications determined in the design process. Your abutment, when placed, will look and feel like your natural teeth and will provide a stable restoration that can last a lifetime! 


Click on any of the thumbnails below to view photos of a successful before and after patient of Dr. Schultz.

Before and After Photos
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